3 Rood low land , land is available in Seeduwa, Sri Lanka ,for multiple purpose projects. International and local business men , this opportunity is for you!! Hurry up!!

Seeduwa, is situated just the out skirt of katunayake (ktk ) International Air Port of Sri  Lanka. It ‘s (ktk) is  also house the nation s first Free trade Zone . 

Considering the fact  that several resorts and guest houses are sprang up around Seeduwa, value of this land is countless. Easily this land could be develop as a  sea plane landing strip for  local and foreign tourists.
10 feet  accessible concrete pave road  up to the land  is available, which connect  it to Walawwaththa road, in turn connect to Amandholuwa road, which directly link to the Airport.

Suitable for erecting antenna dish towers, communication Antenna Towers

Inland fisheries farms

Inland duckling farms

Surrounding scenes are ideal for Hotel complex

Ideal for erecting Bird watching towers

Ideal for Sea plane landing






Radar Dish, Radar, Earth Station







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