Sri Lanka’s Second* Elected Tamil Chief Minister Of The Northern Province Takes Oath-A Giant Step Towards Reconciliation And Development Process

                  Chief Minister Mr. C.V. Wigneshwaran

map of the northern province of Sri Lanka

Will the northern province of Sri Lanka futher becomes the 3 rd  Silicon valley

Silicon valley of Bangalore,India

Ariel view of the India s silicon valley

Photos of the Chief Ministers swearing ceremony

swearing ceremony photos with the courtesy of  Asian Tribune

Sri Lanka’s second* elected Tamil chief minister takes oathA giant step towards reconciliation and development process

Election of the Northern Provincial Council is already commenced. Mr. C.V. Wigneshwaran of the Tamil national alliance has been appointed as the Chief minister by the Provincial Governor. He is a retired supreme court judge in Sri lanka.Now the seating of the Provincial Council is on the right track. It is now learn  that the Chief Minister Wigneshwaran will give oath before the President of Sri lanka on October 07 at the Temple trees.
Challengers ahead
Chief minister and his council of ministers has to cooperate with the Central Government for the development process of the Province. To develop the North , Northern Provincial Council needs Central Governments approval.Once the people of Sri Lanka understands that the development process in the Province ‘ cements’ Sri lankas GNP, all the argument against the establishment of Northern Provincial Council would vanished.
Extreme NGO elements in the south would eventually retreat into the corner of the Political arena of Sri lanka.
Scope of the development process
Provincial Council , with the cooperation and approval of the Central Government in Colombo ,could establish all kind of Industries in the Province.Lets check options one by one.
If the hierarchy of the of the Province establish a ‘3 rd Silicon valley’ in the northern   Province ( 2 nd in the Bangalore in India ), Tamil Diaspora might easily contribute with man power and technology. Probably they would agreed to invest.
Mr. Wigneshwarans administration could also establish heavy industries and Service industries.Let them also get the Dubai concept.
If this kind of development is happens , the so called  boat people traveling to Australia and Europe would probably stopped.Because most of the elements are economic migrants rather than political migrants!
*First Chief minister was Mr.Wardha Raajaa Perumaal –